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G. L. Zolotaryov, A. V. Kanishchev

* Originally in Ukrainian:
Zolotaryov, G. L., Kanishchev, A. V. (1998). Affective disorders in patients with hepatitis A. In: Meditzina segodnya i zavtra: Periodical collection of young scientists and specialists issues, vol. 3, p. 45–47. Kharkiv.

The article deals with description and analysis of affective disorders in patients with hepatitis A. New aspects of psychopathological structure and dynamics of affective disorders at hepatitis A, based on authors’ own investigations, are given. Depression has been given the greatest prominence, in view of its frequency. Peculiarities of its structure in various periods of disease are presented. Hypomania, though it is less common, also covered. Mood disturbance is described as the central feature of behavioral changes in patients with hepatitis A, and an attempt was made of formulating own idea about biological and psychological mechanisms of its realization.

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