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A. V. Kanishchev

* Originally in Ukrainian:
Kanishchev A. V. (2000). Borderline behavioral disorders in patients with viral hepatitis. The Journal of Psychiatry and Medical Psychology (Donetzk), 1, 79–82.

The paper deals with description and analysis of borderline behavioral disorders in patients with viral hepatitis A and B. The investigations are based on the results of psychopathological examination which was done on 56 hospitalized patients with viral hepatitis. Clinical data were verified by assessment of special quantificative scale. Detailed, statistically verified information about frequency and qualitative structure of behavioral disorders is given. In all cases syndromic structure of behavioral changes was uncompleted, and remained at preclinical level. Clinically significant depressive and hypomaniacal states, which have been documented in the previous studies, never occured in our investigations. Estimated, that there were psychopathological symptomes depending on the patientís physical state; and there were ones depending on the patientís attitude toward illness and treatment.

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