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B. V. Mikhailov, O. I. Serdyuk, A. V. Kanishchev

* Originally in Ukrainian:
Mikhailov, B. V., Serdyuk, O. I., Kanishchev, A. V. (2001). Developmental ways of consultation-liaison psychiatry in Ukraine. Ukrainian Psychoneurology Bulletin, 9, 4, 62–63

Current model of psychiatric consultations in Ukraine is based on the urgent interventions for acute mental disorders. Under these conditions there is no prerequisites for real feedback between psychiatrists and physicians of general hospitals. Mild forms of behavioral disorders are virtually out of medical attention. In authors’ opinion, psychiatrists or psychotherapeutists must be integrated into the stuff of general hospitals; besides, somatopsychiatric departments should be established in the structure of these institutions. Organization of liaison psychiatry also requires rigorous and well-grounded scientific investigations in the field of somatopsychiatry.

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